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Because we care about your peace of mind, until your Bitumen is actually Shipped, our procurement Team will provide you with an up to date “Verifiable Daily Report” from SGS or Geo Chem Inspection Company.
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Exceeding our clients Expectations is one of our Strategies to obtaining repeat business.
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Iran Bitumen Company

Your High Quality Road Bitumen Exporters

Packaging Payment Type FOB Bandar Abbas
192 KG New Steel Drums*Gross Weight*

*Gross Basis*=182 Kg Bitumen/10 Kg Steel

Prices Includes the Weight of the Drums

bitumen price iran-bitumen

Prices Last Updated: 11.22.2014

100% LC at Sight 466.00 USD/MT
100% TT dvance 436.00 USD/MT
50% TT Advance 446.00 USD/MT
30%  TT Advance 451.00 USD/MT
20% TT Advance 453.00 USD/MT
10% TT Advance 456.00 USD/MT
+98 21-8888-3803
The following rates are based on CFR Basis, for Bitumen Grades 50/70, 60/70, 80/100, 85/100. Other Grades are available such as Oxidized Bitumen and Bitumen Grades 30/40 and 40/50. All VAT and THC at the loading port have been calculated into our rates at the loading port. All costs incurred at the port of destination are for the buyer’s account. All prices are valid 3 working days. For additional support please contact us.
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Our Services

Our Company is able to Supply Natural Bitumen, Package Lump Gilsonite and is also able to reduce the size of Natural Bitumen into powder form. We can supply both domestic and foreign buyers with our service for this product. To learn more about Gilsonite also known as Natural Asphalt kindly visit the following link or contact us for more information.
There are many investment opportunities within our organization us as there are many different projects in the making which require the investment of time, energy and finances. From the Export of Minerals to Petrochemicals we just may have the right project to introduce to you. For more information please contact us.

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Bitumen Prices Decline Slightly

Bitumen Prices Decline Slightly

USD Value increased in Iran (Bitumen Prices Decline Slightly) from under 3,100 Tomans per 1.00 USD  t0 3,237 Tomans per 1.00 USD.

When a shift in USD value in Iran’s currency takes […]

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Whether  you call yourself  “Saudi Bitumen Suppliers”, “Isfahan Bitumen Production Group” “Iran Bitumen Manufactures”, it does not change the fact that all of Iran’s High Quality Exportable  Bitumen Asphalt  either Government Produced or Privately Produced is […]