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We are producers of high quality, 100% pure petroleum based penetration grade bitumen as per the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Our Bitumen is specially produced for high valued road construction Projects only. Our refinery is near to Bandar Abbas port which enables us to keep a very short distance between us and Iran’s main terminal port saving us time and cost on deliveries.

We undertake the responsibility of ensuring our clients worldwide receive packed bitumen of the highest standard and quality in the industry. To ensure the highest efficiency we oversee the entire procurement process and supply; from the preparation of steel to the production of drums to the mechanized and filling of the drums, to the eventual loading of the vessels. We offer favorable payment conditions to our clients worldwide.

Our production is for penetration bitumen grades: 40/50, 60/70, 80/100, 85/100, 120/50, 160/220 and Performance Grade PG Bitumen all packed into new steel drums and delivered via 20ft or 40ft containers.

We can also source oxidized bitumen, 75-25 85-25, 95-25,115-15; emulsion bitumen, Viscosity grade bitumen VG10, VG30; Cutback MC30, MC250, MC3000 bitumen, Crs1, Crs2, K1-40 K1-60 and LPG (via ISO tanks).

Attention: If you find our FOB Bitumen prices are acceptable to you but our shipping rates seem on the higher side we may be able to negotiate better shipping rates for you!


Payment Type FOB Bandar Abbas

Iran bitumen company

Iran bitumen company : Bitumen Suppliers

Bitumen Supplier & Producer

bitumen 60-70 and bitumen 80-100 offers

Iranian bitumen price

Bitumen Packaging: New Steel Drum 180 KG Net weight

Valid until: 24th July 2016

100% LC at Sight  250.00USD/MT
100% TT Advance 235.00USD/MT
50% TT Advance 238.00USD/MT
30%  TT Advance 239.00USD/MT
20% TT Advance 240.00USD/MT

The following bitumen prices are based on CFR Basis, for bitumen grades 50/70, 60/70, 80/100, 85/100. Other Bitumen Grades are available such as oxidized bitumen and bitumen 30/40 and 40/50. All VAT and THC at the loading port have been calculated into our rates at the loading port. All costs incurred at the port of destination are for the buyer’s account. All Iran bitumen company indicative bitumen price are valid 3 working days. For additional support please contact us.
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Our Services

We are able to provide an array of packaging from new steel drums of 147 Kg, 150 Kg, 180 Kg, 200 Kg with or without pallets. Unfortunately pallets are costly, occupy too much space and they are not needed to transport bitumen for most of our orders.

When available our other packaging includes Poly Cubes or 1 metric ton Jumbo bags and soon Bitutainers. Oxidized bitumen normally is packaged in 25 Kg polyethylene poly bags.

There are many investment opportunities within our organization us as there are many different projects in the making which require the investment of time, energy and finances. From the Export of Minerals to Petrochemicals we just may have the right project to introduce to you. For more information please contact us.

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